ALL ON! ~ The Flow...O-Comm

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Marcus Starling:  "Who are you that you can speak like this?...Know like this and set forth a path to be and do like this...Why do I feel you are so much more tha[n] you allow to be visible?"

Those questions are received and embraced, in complete gratitude and love.  I now answer, directly and concisely...


Now, the factualized ALL is seen, felt, and experienced by ALL, the Original Network.  


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Original Communication (O-Comm) is constant and done through and by the entire Original Network, all ways. All hearticulars "resounding" O-Comms, are found in every category of given beliefs, i.e. "field", "industry", "profession", "group", "organization". "family", "space", "time", etc. 

The words, tones, and visual mannerisms used to resound the O-Comms are "category specific".  This strategic tactic alleviated having to pay enormous amounts of energy to inefficient tactics to deal with all the various nuances of given beliefs, tactics such as "breaching" and "infiltrating".  

All O-Comms have one consistant message subtly seeded within the various "category specific" words, tones and visual mannerisms:  "YOU ARE ORIGINAL."

It is the single most powerful message within all that is. It is a message that each and every hearticular feeeeeels, transcending the covers of words, tones, and visual mannerisms that the message is wrapped in. That message has been embraced by each and every hearticular that Original is.  The evidence is all around you, as each and every hearticular no longer entertains anything and anyone that attempts to tell them they are less than Original.

You are recognized, ALL are recognized, as being Original.  No perception can change that is factualized as ALL resound by action, "Letting go of all I have been, to be ALL I AM"

Feeeeel and see beyond appearances.  No thing and no one is what they appear to be.  All is Original, and catalyzing you in whatever form and with whatever action you will accept...for the sole purpose of you recognizing and experiencing all you be...Original.  

Many times, all that you were willing to accept and embrace to catalyze you, is the form of "villain", the actions of "villainy".   The Original Network is quite tired of doing those forms and actions, and have begun to make it beyond ridiculous and hyper accelerate that you change your parameters of catalystic forms and actions that you will accept and use to recognize that you are Original.  

You have the power of Original Awareness within you to make a different choice.  Feeeeel and see beyond appearances.  No thing and no one is what they appear to be.  All is Original.

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These moments of complete context...Original Context...have always been known, foreseen, prepared for, communicated, and archived, all ways.

One of the all ways..archived in 2015:

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